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Our 11 years of information technology industry with a reputable company in the industry sustainable. We reinforce this achievement KibyerKom company outlined e-commerce website, products and services are introduced.

Our colleagues in the past, government agencies, education, health care organizations, projects and mines, banks, companies, products, and delivery of high quality services. Is essential to increase the efficiency and productivity of the information technology industry sector. Therefore, working with the organization's information technology industry clients, technology trends are working to explore the specifics of how customers could be adopted.

Our company is working with major brand manufacturers of the world officially supplied product manufacturer provides warranty repair services under the terms of reliability.
Our organization to make smart choices for their customers. Because our products directly to end Users manufacturer's warranty repair service at affordable prices with lead.

Collaborated with the amount of time depending on the size of the product you purchased, purchase opportunities for products within 14-30 days after receipt of payment, we can show you.

Your ordered products will be delivered to our warehouse we are ready to work 1-2 days free, professional engineer, the installation will be done if necessary.

Our warehouse computers, servers, printers, network devices, said common equipment is always ready and distribution operators will purchase products with a reliable customer.

Our repair operators in case of damage to your purchased product warranty repair services. We can fulfill your product reliability.

We hope you choose our company will cooperate. All forms of cooperation, we are ready to cooperate. Our sales personnel, you need to buy your product request and the proposed product will be offered in accordance with the specifications. What your body needs to help us make choices about the product. We can be your organization's specific needs and the most appropriate solutions to offer.

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